Freedom - Spiritual definition


Spiritual definition of freedom From Spiritual Encyclopedia:

Absolute freedom is divine - God given to ALL mankind!

Freedom means to be really free and able to do exactly:

  • Whatever you want
  • When ever you want
  • How ever you want
  • With who ever you want

God given freedom - given to ALL mankind - means zero limits in anything you ever want to do or however you want to do it. Freedom means also to move freely around all planet, free of borders, free of administration, free of visa or other requirements.

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Heal human mind and healthy mind heals body

Heal human mind and healthy mind heals body by allowing God’s healing love to penetrate body mind and soul. Any illness coming from inside body can be healed from inside body if mind allows healing and opens for God.

To heal human mind no surgery needed
to heal human mind no physical contact needed
to heal human mind no chemicals needed
to heal human mind no no clinic needed

To heal
only healer needed
healer to uplift vibration
healer to heal mind
for one person at a time
of for thousand persons at a time

All a healer needs is a healthy = healed mind as a result of true direct connection with God and the attention of his patients.
The connection to God is achieved as result of extensive and persistent spiritual progress such as the true full practice of Kriya Yoga to steadily and permanently dissolve in divine love whatever separates you from God.

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